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Ciao Paolo,
We arrived home last night, all well. Our trip was very successful and we enjoyed it very much. A large part of our enjoyment was the tour of Roma with Roberto. He did a wonderful job and is a really fine guy as well. Thank you very much for providing a very competent backup to yourself.

I hope that I will get to meet you someday as well.

My wife and I plan on returning with just the two of us (no date established) and my wife is beginning to plan her "Girlfriend" trip to Italy as well. I know she will contact you for that. We will certainly recommend you to everyone we know who is planning a trip to Italy. Also, please give our warm regards to Roberto.
Thanks again and Ciao for now,
Allan Guerrina


This e-mail was originally sent by Bob & Bev Russell to Paolo Fanti, my associate in Florence, who organized all the tours for them.

Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful drivers and driver guides you provided to us.
When we arrived at Milan Malpensa, Davide was waiting for us. He took us on the short 2 1/2 hour ride to Santa Margherita pointing out a number of landmarks along the way. It was a delight talking with him, and his discussion of his home on Lake Como made us want to come back to Italy to see that area.

All three drivers were waiting for us at the pier when the ship arrived in Naples, Civitavecchia and Livorno. Angelo in Naples was superb. The drive along the Amalfi Coast with Angelo's running commentary was great. He even took us by his primary school in Sorrento, and we lunched at one of his favorite places. Before he left us, he secured tickets for the hydrofoil to Capri and told us when to catch the hydrofoil from Capri to Naples. Great guy!  Paolo in Civitavecchia/Rome was the best guide we've ever met. He seemed to know everything about Rome and was able to answer every question any of us had. His grasp of historical facts (including dates) was astounding. He showed us things one doesn't find in any guidebooks and took us to a great restaurant we'd never have found without his assistance. He was superb! In Livorno/Florence, we had the pleasure of meeting Giuseppe. Great guy! His love of Florence was apparent from the very start. One could not help but leave Florence with a much deeper appreciation for its magnificence and beauty after spending a day with Giuseppe. Fantastic!! We all agreed that your drivers and driver guides really made our vacation the wonderful experience it was. I can assure you that we will be telling everyone about the great experience we had with your company, and we'll be back! Thank you!
Bob & Bev Russell
Bob Greenberg Homeへ


We returned from our 13 day trip to your country yesterday. Every day we spent in Italy was a day we will forever remember. Whether it was the historical sights or the food or the people, we enjoyed every moment of it! You were an integral and important component of our trip and I thank you for taking the time to guide us so competently through Rome. You were terrific and I would certainly recommend you to anyone. Let me give you a quick run down on the other guides you arranged for us. In Sorrento, we had Alberto. He was a very competent driver and took us through the towns of the Amalfi coast very competently. On the second day we had Giuseppe drive us to Capri, Ana Capri and the Blue Grotto. He was simply a driver and was not particularly good. I could not recommend him for future visits.

In Naxos, I expected to meet Giacomo. Instead, we met Sara. She was absolutely charming and knowledgeable. She was also very attractive! What a great day that was for both the men and the women!! I would strongly recommend that you use her again. Apparently she does not have much work to do. She would be an asset to any company in the touring business. Once again, thank you for helping to make our trip the memorable one that it was. I hope to meet you again sometime soon. If you ever come to the USA and get close to Philadelphia, I would make every effort to meet you here. Ciao for now. Stay in touch....

Bob Greenberg
Bruce & Celia Brewer - Reid & Suzanne Burns Homeへ
Paolo Apolloni was our man and he could not have been better. He is a Roman roughly 50 years young whose father was also in the business. We spent an incredibly memorable day with Paolo where we toured by car all the great sights of the city, received wonderful historic information, and had a most memorable lunch in a very quaint country setting off the Appian Way. Paolo stayed with us for quite a long time, I think finally dropping us off about 6:15 PM. It was especially enjoyable to reunite the gentleman who runs the hotel with Paolo. They were great friends for many years and lost track of each other about 10 years ago. I hope to spend time again with Paolo one day…..he is a great guy.
Bruce & Celia Brewer
Reid & Suzanne Burns  
Carl Moskalik Homeへ
Hope things are going well - we had a great time with you and also with the Paolo that took us around the Isle of Capri. He was a riot. We really learned a lot from you and appreciate everything you did for us. You are like a walking, talking, history book, but a lots more interesting.
We need a favor: Remember you took us up to a very quiet place and had us look through a tiny opening in the door and then you said to take a picture - well the picture did not turn out. That is the one I believe that we saw St. Peters Dome. Is there a chance that you can take a picture through the hole in the door with your digital camera and then email it to us at the above email address.
Thanks again
Carl Moskalik
As a retired couple, we have just concluded our first trip to Europe. We are from a small town north of Toronto, Ontario and it was our travel agent who called us one day and said, "For your visit to Rome.......you need Paolo". She had used Paolo as a guide when she had docked in Rome and declared that day to be the 'high light' of her trip. We contacted him immediately and booked our date. We only had one full day in Rome and so wanted to see everything possible. We also had some mobility concerns and were assured by him, that he could accommodate us. Sadly, our first trip was cancelled because of the war and we had to rebook about 6 weeks later. We were given a choice of two different tours and we had to make a decision. Our decision was made when we phoned Paolo at home to see when he could accommodate us. We were not sorry we did this because everything we had heard about his expertise as a guide was true. From the beautiful silver Mercedes to his knowledge and folklore of his wonderful city was exemplary. ?????
We traveled to places that many tourists don't see because of time constraints and lack of vehicle. The lunch next to the Pope's summer residence was beyond words. As people look through our album, everyone remarks on the photos of Rome. Paolo, I hope you have many more years of sharing your eternal city with tourists. It was one of our most memorable days and a simple thanks seems inadequate, but thank you immensely

Carol and George

Dallas McGuire Verner Homeへ
Thank you and Carlo for making Rome the best city visited by our family. Even with my father's trip to the hospital, Rome was given the highest rating of fun by most of us.
The others declined to vote. We agreed that it was attributed to our 2 great tour guides. Thankfully for your quick thinking and Carlos quick response, the trip to the hospital was overcome. I will highly recommend you and Rome. I hope to visit again too.
My very best to you and Carlos,
Dallas McGuire Verner
David Bussone Homeへ
Paolo, once again, thank you so much for creating such a memorable and enjoyable trip.
The best and most unforgettable portions of the trip were those where we left all arrangements up to you.
Whether it was a fabulous lunch, or a side trip to an out-of-the-way village,
Each was truly spectacular.
I hope all your clients are wise enough to let you assist in trip planning.
If not, they will surely miss out on something most pleasant.

David Bussone
Donna Ouchida Homeへ

Hi Paolo,
We all arrived home safely...long flight with long lay overs!
Takes a bit to adjust to the time change. We had a great time with you and enjoyed the trip to the Ovieto...lunch was great in Naples, the kids enjoyed their trip to Rome too! Hope to be back soon.
There is so much to see and do in Italy..still want to ride mopeds and see Capri!
Talked to Amanda and gave her the thumbs up as well...

See you soon, Ciao Donna

Ps.. send you some pictures on line after I read the instruction manual on my new camera.

Dorothy Hair Homeへ

This comments were posted by the client on cruisecritic.com


Recommendation: Outstanding
I recommend Paolo as a highly qualified guide who exhibited superior thoughtfulness and caring for our group of six from San Francisco. His English is impeccable and knowledge of his country and its history outstanding. He made our visit to Italy a wonderful experience. We all feel we have a new "best friend" in Italy. I found Paolo's name and a positive critique of his tour of Rome on this board. So, before we left for our 9/18/2001 cruise on Renaissance's R-2, Barcelona to Venice, I contacted him by email. I followed up with a confirmation phone call to Paolo from Nice and learned that he could also provide us with guides for Florence, Naples, Capri, and Venice.

Francesco Bartalini

Paolo sent Francesco Bartalini to meet the six of us in Livorno. He is a terrific guide with excellent English skills and a fun, outgoing personality. After our short visit to Pisa and Lucca, my husband expressed his interest in Italian wines. Francesco drove us to a small, old winery where we were able to purchase bottles of good wine at extremely reasonable prices (especially compared to what we pay for California wine). The elderly caretaker allowed me to take photos of the cellars and grounds. This was so much fun. We then drove onto Florence and took in the history and beauty of this city. We lunched with Francesco in a classic restaurant, which was lots of fun with fine food.
Paolo met us in Civitavecchia and took us to Rome.

Paolo Apolloni

What an enchanting city and there is not a better way to visit it than with a guide who loves and knows the art, history, culture of his home. We ate in another wonderful restaurant, recommended by Paolo. We decided to pass on Naples and four of us opted for a day in Capri. Paolo arranged for his friend, another Paolo, to taxi us around the island. Do you know how much fun it is to be on this Mediterranean jewel, driving around in a bright red, stretch-limo Fiat convertible? Lunch was in Capri-Paolo's cousin's restaurant. The next day the cruisers were awakened with the public address message: Renaissance had filed for chapter 11 and we were not going to Messina, Sicily, or anywhere else, as planned. We would all have to disembark in Civitavecchia.

Paolo's taxi in Capri

Those travelers who were part of the Omni-group would have their plane arrangements made. Those travelers who were not in that group, stay tuned... Well, our NON-Omni group had originally made plans to stay in Venice for two days when the cruise was supposed to have ended.
We had reservations for Sept. 30th and Oct 1st and our air tickets for Oct 2nd. Renaissance did contact a bus company that would take us for $ 20 a head (U. S. Dollars only) to the Rome airport. At the airport, there is a booth where you can make hotel reservations for many Italian cities. We were able to find three rooms and a taxi to take us to a Rome Best Western Hotel.

My minivan at the port

I was able to change our air flights out of Venice from 10/02 to 9/30, after explaining the Renaissance situation to British Airways. Then, I tried to change our Venice hotel reservations and learned that there were no rooms. I called our travel agent in San Francisco, and she said she would try to help. This is the kind of time where you need a good shoulder to lean on. Of course, I called Paolo and he once again provided the help we needed.
He would take us to Venice from Rome, and if our travel agent could not find anything, he would work on hotel accommodations for us. When Paolo arrived the next morning to take us on our journey to Venice he had an email with him from Cathy Lowe, our travel agent. She was able to get us into the Best Western Monte Carlo for three days.

Venetian water taxi
Paolo arranged for the water taxi to take us to the hotel and another for transportation to the Venice airport when we depart. We left the Rome hotel about 10 o'clock in the morning and pulled into the Venice parking lot about 7 o'clock that evening. Paolo got us there safely and relieved us of much of the stress we were feeling. Along the way there was fun and laughter. How grateful we are that I looked to this board to find a guide and found Paolo's name.
Doug & Sherry Lindsey Homeへ
We were on an NCL cruise last November, and contacted him at SHIBIN's recommendation. Executive summary: he's expensive but well worth it. We assembled a group of six and used his minivan. € 100 plus tax & tip each (lunch & admissions not included). At the end of the day, the other two couples not only paid with a smile, they congratulated me on finding such a great guide. Paolo has several "standard" tours for the first-time visitor to choose from. We took the St Peters Basilica / Coliseum tour, which was fantastic. But he can alter the itinerary to include anything you wish.
Doug & Sherry
Civitavecchia/Rome: I can't say enough about the guide we toured with in Rome: Paolo Apolloni. He speaks English with a Brooklyn accent, but he's never been to the US. Just fabulous! He has a net- work of guides (we used his colleague in Florence, and he was great), including one in Naples.
Doug and Sherry
Hi Paolo,
Henry and I are home safely, and getting ready for our next trip. We really enjoyed having you as our guide for the two days we spent with the Caster family. The airport transfers you arranged for us went very smoothly. If we were to travel to Rome again, we would certainly contact you.
Our guide and driver to Assisi was a man named John. I would certainly recommend him.
We are planning to spend two nights in Genoa before leaving on a Costa cruise. We have the entire day of Tuesday, Nov. 4th, free. It the weather is nice we would like to visit Portofino. We will be staying at the Jolly Hotel Plaza. Tel: 39-010-553-1169.
I would be very happy if you could put us in touch with a driver for that day.
Many thanks,
Kathy and Henry Maguire (The Doctor and the Teacher)
The Shott Family Homeへ
I want to write you to once again thank you for all that you did to make the visit of my family to Rome such a memorable one. I can say that you helped me fulfill a dream of my mother to visit the Tomb of St. Peter and Rome. Your care and expertise created many happy memories. Know that I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Once again, Thank you.
Fr. Stephen
We all just wanted to say thanks again for the TERRIFIC time we had in Rome. We know if it were not for your expertise are trip would not have been so memorable. Enclosed is a pic we took at the "tomb".
Thanks Again,
The Shott Family
Greg and Tammy Homeへ
Hi Paolo:
How are you? I can't believe it's been almost 3 months since our trip to the Mediterranean.
Tammy and I want to thank you for your expert guidance while we were in Italy.
The trip to the Amalfi Coast was unforgettable!
Positano was such a beautiful place. Each day we are reminded of that beauty, since the original oil painting we purchased in Positano is now hanging in the Living Room of our Home. One day in the future, Tammy and I hope to return to Positano and stay at Il San Pietro di Positano. This Hotel has to be one of the most romantic hotels in the World. Thanks for telling us about it. Although the two days of touring with you were fabulous, the visit to the Sistine Chapel was for us one of the most special times in our lives. The very special private tour that you arranged for Tammy and I was a once-in-a- lifetime event. Your expertise in art history made our time in the Sistine Chapel so very special. The solitude that we experienced in the Chapel was the perfect environment to truly appreciate the religious significance of all that existed in the Chapel. Not only did we "feel" the art work, but truly the spirit that was the inspiration for the Art. Our sincere thanks to you for making this extraordinary visit "happen".
Thanks again for making our visit to Italy so very special.

Our Best Regards,
Greg and Tammy
Jan & Arden Lawhead Homeへ
We would like to thank you so much for the great tour of Rome...
We know we had the best experience possible with you as our guide.
We enjoyed your very expertise explanations of everything we saw.
You indeed made our day in Rome and we are so glad we made contact with you at the very last minute.
The lunch was delicious, although we felt we were not so hungry ... when they brought out the huge plates of food, it was so good that we all seemed to have no problem cleaning our plates.
Thanks you so much for everything....and we will highly recommend you to anyone who is coming to Rome...
Jan & Arden Lawhead
Kathryne Moore Homeへ
Buongiorno Paolo. Mother and I have finally settled back in now that we have returned to Texas. Our Italian vacation is one we will always remember. Everyone asks what was our favorite memory, and for me there are two: Cortona - and our side trip to Fumone and Tavern of the Baron. That is what I enjoyed most of all. That wonderful quaint 'city' perched up on the mountain - cool crisp air and beautiful country-side - will always be one of my fondest memories.
Thank you for all you did to help make our trip so pleasant. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and appreciate your tedious hours of driving.
The only glitch in the trip was that our flight from Milan to Amsterdam was delayed just long enough that we were unable to make our connecting flight to Houston. So we flew from Amsterdam to Detroit where we had to overnight - then on to Houston on Thursday. No big deal - but we were ready to be home.
Again, meeting you was fun and I'm happy for the time spent with you.
Kind regards,
Kathy and Edith Olex Homeへ
Hi Paolo,
I want to thank you so much for the tour on Saturday but the words "thank you" don't seem adequate. It was a wonderful day that we will never forget. Mom would never have been able to see all those wonderful sites without your expert help. We haven't stopped talking about all the things we saw that day and we are still teasing Mom for asking if you really knew the way out of the Catacombs! We are already talking about what we want to see on our next trip.
When we start to plan it, our first call will be to you to see when you're available. We are now spoiled and will only want the best guide in Italy! I want to give you our addresses and phone numbers. If anyone asks for a reference, please have them call us. We will be happy to tell them what a fantastic guide you are and what a great day we had seeing Rome with you.
We were amazed at your knowledge of each site we visited. We all enjoyed seeing San Giovanni in Laterano, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Pietro in Vincoli and San Paolo Fuori le Mura. Standing on the Via Appia, seeing the Colosseum - it was just the most enjoyable day. (And lunch was DELICIOUS!) Reading a guide book is fine. But having someone pointing out items of interest and telling you the history behind them is so much more enjoyable.
Tell your friend Dario that I read his book "Too Much Tuscan Sun" and I enjoyed it very much. But I still don't see why they make so much fuss about a horse race. (Maybe you better not tell him that part!)We went to church on Easter at St. Ignazio. It is a truly beautiful church. Tomi Ann and I spent the afternoon at Capitol Hill and the Forum and had a great time. Your friend got us to the airport in very good time on Monday. Thank you for arranging that. And thank you again for the beautiful flowers. Daffodils are my favorite flower and your thoughtfulness made my birthday very special.
Grazie, Paolo. We hope to see you again! Best Regards, Kathy
Kathy and Edith Olex
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Paulo I see the site is still up and assume you are still the best guide in Rome.
This is Keith and Cindy from the RenVII in April 2001. It was the very best day including Cindy's Hard Rock visit.
I will put some friends coming to Rome in touch with you and give them the site info. They are coming some time in April.

Keith and Cindy Kelsey from sunny California
Lana Shchukin Homeへ
Dear Paolo!
I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding service.
We were more than pleased with our guide Alberto on our last day,
and had a wonderful time at Capri with Peppino, same about our first-day guide.
I will give my best recommendations about you to anyone who goes to Italy as individual traveller.
Me and my husband may travel to Rome and Florence one day too.
If I figure out how to write review on your website, I will certainly do it.
Thank you very much! Mille Grazia! Ciao Sincerely Lana

Lana Shchukin
Laura J. Nabili Homeへ
Good Day Paolo,
Our wonderful vacation is over and we’re back at home now. One of the first items on my agenda was to send you a note of appreciation.
My father and sister and I were all delighted with the wonderful tour of Rome you provided to us. The service was wonderful…….being picked up right on time as we disembarked from our ship and being delivered back in one piece despite the vagaries of Rome’s traffic!The whole day was delightful, although this was not my 1st visit to Rome; you managed to show me Rome from a thoroughly knowledgeable and different angle. This was my father’s 1st visit and he was very pleased with your tour. He was especially impressed with not only your depth of knowledge about Rome and its environs but also with your heartfelt love for the city and its magnificent history.
It was a real privilege to get to see Pope John Paul II on the steps of St. Peters and to hear his address.
We all loved the restaurant where we had lunch, the food was excellent and the non-touristy atmosphere was great.
Thank you for sharing your love for the Eternal City with us; it was a day we will not soon forget.
Ciao…………..till we meet again!

Laura J. Nabili
Fairfax County Department of Housing
and Community Development
Housing Services Specialist and Property Manager
Michael Lefrak Homeへ
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Lisa and Don Waldrep Homeへ
Ciao Paulo!
We got home safely and I am just looking through all my photos.
I will tell you when I finally figure out what American celebrity you look like!
Thank you for a wonderful time in Italy. You were incredible.
Don and I were serious when we said that we would love to drive you around if you ever make it to the States.
I hope that you consider us your newest friends.
We miss you.
Lisa and Don Waldrep
Maryann Harwood Homeへ

Ciao Paolo,

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful couple of days in Rome. Everyone complimented your ability to get us around to all the right places at the right time. I apologize for the multiple
currencies, etc.. for payment. Not everyone was prepared with travelers checks or cash. Hopefully, you still ended up ahead.

It turns out, the three women you guided during the previous week, are friends of my husband's. The older woman was only with the other two in Rome (not in Florence) and therefore we didn't make the connection. We gave several other families/couples your name. They were heading down

to Rome after Florence. The wedding in Chianti was beautiful and we had a great time. Thanks again.


Maryann Harwood

PS - Our transfers to and from Florence were great. No problems and plenty of time to get to the airport.
Please tell Paolo Fanti thanks the next time you see him.

Ciao Paolo!
Perhaps of your customers you may remember us, the Megals, Carolyn and Rhody (the Malta Knight). Androvaldi Palace, October 4th, 2003. It is not possible for us to express how absolutely phenomenal our day with you was. Mr Encyclopedia! But you know you presented information in an intriguing and pertinent way. Most of all your enthusiasm and devotion to Roma is apparent.

That reaches the heart!

By the way, we have since introduced our family to small biscotti and vino santo!

Friends of ours will be in Italy next October and are looking for a driver. We passed on your website and e-mail information to them.
Watch for the name, Hinkle. You will enjoy them very much. Signora Hinkle's maiden name is Vacarro and she is a very "with-it", culturally attuned lady.
We also intend to submit your name, with your approval, to our friend who is an agent for a very
popular travel agency in our city.
Should we return to Italia, and we will, you can be sure that we will call you.

Carolyn and Rhody Megal
Dearest Paolo,
First, let me thank you again for all your help and accommodations when we were in Italy.
Despite what you might think, EVERYONE really enjoyed the touring. We had a wonderful adventure, all managed to keep from killing each other before we got home. In addition, we truly enjoyed the day we spent with Francesco as well, and I want to thank you for being so kind as to share him with us, as well as getting Gaetano to take us through Pompeii. I have already had quite a few people ask for your information from the glowing review I posted on the web site, so expect to hear from some folks...
Can you please do me a favor though?
Francesco gave me his email address but I cannot find it. My cousin Dina is very anxious to send you both a personal note, and I would like to send Francesco one as well. Can you please call him and get it for me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks again, and I hope that we will stay in touch.
With love from your personal "character" & husband-
Nanci & Leon Schenkein
Nancy Gorham Homeへ
Ciao Paolo,
Thank you for setting up our fabulous tours in Italy.
We had great guides, especially Paola in Florence.
She was so knowledgeable and charming. I wish we could have had you for Rome,but our guide there was excellent and also the one in Naples.Thanks again for taking such good care of us.
If we are ever back in Italy (which I hope will be the case) you will be the first person I will contact.
Ciao, Nancy Gorham
Nicholas Alexander Homeへ

Ciao Paolo

Thank you for organizing our trip last weekend.
Louis was a most excellent guide. He had just the right balance of enthusiasm mixed with a laid-back outlook which was not overpowering (we saw some guides almost bullying their guests into enjoying the visit).
Everyone was very impressed by Louis, so please pass my sincere thanks to him. The restaurant your recommended was the best on the tour (and we had some good food). We could have stayed there all afternoon and in to the evening as well. Please feel free to use my name as a testimonial to other potential guests.
I would be happy to pass on my best wishes. None of us are big football fans, but the Roma v Brescia game was excellent (5:0 to Roma). The fans are very passionate. I even learned Italian from a young girl next to me.

It did not take long for me to work out her song ;'Brescia, Brescia Vafanculo'.

Thank you again.



Joann and Paul Fegan Homeへ


JoAnn and I just wanted to take a few short minutes to tell you how much we enjoyed your tours and your company. I don't think we could have found a better person to show us your beautiful country. I had to almost take out a loan to get all our film developed but the pictures came out great. Everyone is just amazed at the places we went to all the sites we saw. Not sure what the weather is like back there now but over here it has been over a 100 every day. Thanks again for helping us have the adventure of a life time. We talked with our travel agent and told her how great you are at your job and how much we recommend you to all her clients. By the way, we just made it back and our first grandson arrived. 7lbs 5oz and 19 inches long. Lots of black hair and a cute disposition just like his grandpa. They named him Joseph Francis Rizzo. Can't say anything about that middle name though. Poor kid!!! Well, that's about all for now. All our best to you and your wife and son. Now go mow the lawn.

Joann and Paul Fegan

The Regula Family Homeへ

Dear Paolo,

It’s now been almost five months since we met at the bus station in
Venice. It seems like only yesterday. Anyway “pillow boy” and the rest of the family still talk of our trip often and your name always comes up. We never adequately thanked you for making our tour of Italy unforgettable. We all have our favorite places and experiences during our stay, but we also all agree that you made the trip truly unique. You really are the best driver in Italy. So thank you again for the great driving, restaurants, sights, accents, and jokes. Most of all thank you for allowing us to visit your home and meet your lovely wife and son. We hope the remainder of your year was good for you and your family, and wish you a very prosperous New Year.


I know that someday we’ll return to your beautiful country, and would consider it an honor if we could see you again. Enjoy your skiing and motor cross.

With great memories always,

the Regula’s - Ann, Doug, David, Eric “pillow boy”, and Mike

Rob Robertson Homeへ
Paolo, you treated us to a delightful day in Rome on the 19th of Feb.. I just wanted to let you know how much the 6 of us appreciated your excellent service and professionalism. The day spent with you was truly the highlight of our cruise. Great little restaurant and food and wine. I have posted a message on the America-on-line "cruise critic" message board for renaissance passengers extolling your service and took the liberty of giving out your email addresses. I hope that is ok. I have a couple of good pictures of you that I would be happy to send over. If you'd like to receive them, just email me your address.
Again, thanks for a wonderful and memorable day.
Rob Robertson, m.d.
Sam Seshadri Homeへ

Thanks for Tour of Rome, Florence and Pisa

Dear Mr. Apolloni,

This is to thank you very much for the excellent transportation you provided us during our visit to Rome, Florence and Pisa. I must apologize for my somewhat delayed response, but we were all down with fever, cough etc.

Both Mr. Monty and Mr. Giuseppe, who took us around Rome and in and around Florence and Pisa, respectively, were dedicated, knowledgeable, and helpful.

In fact, they rendered an excellent service over and above the call of duty. We enjoyed their company and the learnt a lot about Italy through their help.

And the price was very reasonable, too.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend you services to any of my friends or

colleagues who might require them. All in all, it was a wonderful trip and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Please thank Mr. Monty and Mr. Giuseppe again on our behalf.



Tom Sancomb Homeへ


I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent tours when we were in Rome.

Your tours made our trip. It was wonderful to not only see the sights, but to also get such a detailed history about each landmark.

My parents are still talking about mass with the Pope - they still can't believe it. Everything was just incredible.

It would be hard to believe that someone as good at your craft as you are would need it, but, if you ever want a reference or testimonial, I would be happy to provide it.

Also, you can count on all of us recommending you to anyone that we talk to.

Thank you again for your excellent service, you truly made our trip wonderful.

Thank you for making our trip one we'll never forget!

Tom Sancomb


Shirley Binder Homeへ

About 14 months ago, we toured with Paolo Apolloni in Rome. He came recommended to me on a message board as the best private guide in Rome, and we agree 100%! He is part of a group that also offers excellent guides in Florence, Naples. We used Paolo Fanti, an affiliate in Florence, for two full days from Livorno (port for Florence), touring Florence, Lucca, Cinque Terra, and Portofino. Awesome! I've recommended both Paolos to many people, and they've all been very pleased. I know they have an associate in Naples, too, as well as in other parts of Italy.
What fun! We'll never forget Paolo's wonderful sense of humor, his flawless English (you'd swear he has a Brooklyn accent, even though he's never been to the United States!), his wonderful imitation of Gene Kelly's "Singing in the Rain." Paolo is among the top guides we've ever met; on a scale of 1 to 10, he's a solid 12! His colleagues, Roberto and Francesco, are charming and knowledgeable.

driverguide@rome.com is an excellent choice for seeing the highlights of Rome, whether you want to see the top tourist sights or, if you've been there, done that, ask Paolo to take you to see his "off the beaten path" favorites. He took us to places that are not even
mentioned in most tour books--we had a ball!
Shirley Binder
Stephanie Chatman Homeへ
Prego...I will give your website address to my brother-in-law's friends.
It is so much fun to communicate with someone half-way around the world like this. I will send a picture if I can figure out how to do that!! We think you are the best guide we have ever had. We loved how you were able to park so very close to everything and we loved having lunch in the city of the pope's summer home overlooking the gorgeous lake.
Ciao, Stephanie
Sue Bruss Homeへ


I've waited far too long to thank you for the wonderful guides you set up for us when we were in Rome on April 20th. Johnny was great...went out of his way to accommodate us in every way and we loved the day. My husband can be difficult, which I should have explained to you before. He had brain damage and it causes him to be very blunt and impatient. I hope he didn't upset things too much.

Giovanni in Naples was great ! He really gave us a wonderful tour and got us back with about 30 seconds to spare (PERFECT). We loved the Amalfi coast and are so glad we did Sorrento and Positano instead of Capri.
Thank you so much for the wonderful service and your kind understanding.
Next time, I hope you'll be free to spend a couple of days with us in Rome ...
Until then...
Thanks so much!

Ciao !
Sue Bruss

Sue Romo Homeへ

Dear Paolo,

Thank you very much for showing us such a great time in Rome last week.

The sightseeing was memorable and the meals were wonderful, but your hospitality made the day for all of us. I think we will all be sure to recommend you to our friends.

Kindest regards,

Sue Romo

The Gowins Homeへ
Dear Paolo,

We can not thank you enough for the two days you showed us your country.
Your expertise and enthusiasm made our experience very rich and memorable. I've attached for pictures for you, three of the restaurant and one of our favorite guide. I'll check on that chip this weekend and will let you know.

The Gowins
Tom Lopez Homeへ
Hi Paulo,

We all made it back to the USA without too much trouble. I just wanted to thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and family with us. All of us thought that it was the best vacation that we could remember and you made the difference.

Give my best to your family!

Tom Lopez
Wayne Nappier Homeへ

I doubt if you could see more or learn more about Rome from anyone else.
There were four of us in the VW van and it was non-stop on interesting comments and inside trivia about the different sights. If I ever return to Rome, I will make it a point to see Paolo and use his services. His English is exceptionally good and sounds as if he lived in the Midwest, but he has
never been to the U.S. His WEB site is www.drivinguide.com.

His friend Marcello in Florence is very good as well and his English is very good and we enjoyed him very much. SAVE YOUR SHOPPING for Florence. Marcello took us to the Leather Factory (run by Monks in a church) and to a wonderful private jewelry store for personal showing and VERY reasonable.

Both of these are very honest and reliable people that exceeded our expectations.
Should you have additional questions please contact me.

Wayne Nappier

Carol McLachlan Homeへ

Hi Paolo,

My husband, Bill, and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our afternoon on July 16 with Guiseppe.Guarnieri. Lunch was delicious at the restaurant of 30,000 bottles of wine (we only sampled one!) and incredible views in all directions :Antico Ristorante Pagnanelli. Giuseppe guided us in our menu selections with agreement from Matteo and we ate and drank with abandon.

After the wonderful lunch (during which Guiseppe gave us a brief introduction to the area and then amazed us with his knowledge of Rome, history, art, literature and music) we visited the towns and then back to the outskirts of Rome where he waited while we toured the Catacombs which he said we couldn’t miss as we had missed them on previous trips to Rome.

We had a wonderful afternoon… jet-lagged as we were.

Thanks so much for a wonderful day!

Carol McLachlan

Louise Schwartz Homeへ

Dear Paolo: 

Thank you for our wonderful tours and the best event, the lunch at Ceri. I am sorry that I did not book the rest of our private tours with you but instead used Celebrity private car tour with English speaking guides and they were not of your qualify guides.

It was a pleasure meeting you and I shall recommend your service to any who ask.

Louise Schwartz

Marla and Patrick Homeへ

Dear Paolo,

Patrick and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful tour of Rome in May!  Italy is so beautiful – we can hardly wait to go back.

Our experience in Rome was made immensely more valuable because we were able to have your tour guide services!  Without your help, we would have

missed many important details about the sites of Rome.

Your depth of knowledge and ability to help us focus on key points was greatly appreciated!

We also loved your sense of humor and the great restaurant you suggested.  It was one of the best places we ate at on our tour of Italy!

Thank you for the many fond memories we shall never forget!!


Marla and Patrick

PS  Wish we had taken a photo of you with our group.  Next time we will.

Hi Paolo,
We noticed on your website that you had a section for your happy customers to say thanks to you for your excellent driving tour of Rome.
My Mom and I spent a half day with you touring Rome and seeing the fabulous sites. You spoke such fine English and slowly so my Mom could hear you, too. We were amazed at your stories and all the history you knew so well. You kept us interested and in awe of your ancient city. We felt completely at ease with you and we loved and still remember your jokes.
We intend to spread the good news here in Chicago to our friends who might be traveling to Rome in the future as to Rome's best driving guide- YOU!
All the best to you in your thriving business and we hope to return someday and see you again. Thanks for everything!
Jane and Maribeth Callahan
Chicago, IL
Kelly Climer Homeへ


Just wanted to Thank You for your company's service. You guys exceeded expectations in every regard. I encourage you to use me as a reference.

Please let me know if you would like a formal letter from me.

Thanks again, it was awesome.

Kelly Climer


Barbara Zimmerman Homeへ

Dear Paolo,

I apologize for being so tardy in writing you a note to let you know what a fantastic time Scott and I had in Rome and then in Sorrento the end of April.

Rudy was delightful!  Not only was his knowledge of the history impressive, he was courteous, professional and very pleasant throughout the two days we had the privilege of his company.  Rome is such a large city with so much history that we would have missed many things and places without Rudy’s excellent knowledge of the city and history. 


Also, neither Scott nor I would want to drive in Rome!  Then, the next day, on to Sorrento.  What a beautiful place and Rudy made lunch arrangements, and I had a fantastic “birthday” lunch.  We were treated like royalty.  Then Positano was so beautiful and unique.  Please extend our thanks again to Rudy for helping make our trip so memorable.

I recommended your service to our travel agent, and he plans to recommend you to his clients traveling to Rome.  We’ll definitely call you on our next trip to Roma!

Best regards,

Barbara Zimmerman


Hopefully, you have not already forgotten us.  Our travels home were uneventful, although profoundly sad with missing you and your delightful way of introducing us to your beautiful Italy.  I always expected to spend my travel times exploring my own country's wonders (all 200 years) and was fairly militant about not going to the Old World.  Kathleen's patient insistence and her own wonderful memories gained my grudging acceptance of the idea.What a fool I was (and Kath would argue, still am)!  Through your guidance, Nicholas, Janice, Lauren, Monica and I are true believers.  We are truly thankful that our friends, the Giordanos, had met you, gained the same tremendous respect for you and shared it with us before we began our plans. 


That will be many times repeated by us whenever the idea of travel to Italy is brought up.  To us, Paolo Apolloni is synonymous with an unforgettable exploration of Italy's wonders.

Best wishes to your family and you.  Drive carefully, we want you to be there safe and sound when we return.  Until then, we hope you won't mind us keeping in touch from time to time.


PS - I'm sending this from the office, our home email is in the cc: address above.

Christopher Flocken


 H.B. Erickson, Jr. Homeへ

Thank you for showing Heidi and I around Rome this past Monday, It was certainly one of the highlights of our trip. We made it to the Vatican Museums, however we missed our tour. Please offer our apologies to your contact Aldaberto. Never the less, by following your instructions we were able to avoid the rather long line leading into the museums. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone I know that will be traveling to Italy and when we return we will look foreword to seeing you again.

 A very satisfied client!

 Your friend,

 H.B. Erickson, Jr.

15112 Heathridge Drive

Tampa, FL 33625



Don and Sharon Holton Homeへ
Hi Paolo,
We just wanted to tell you that we miss you! After we boarded the cruise ship in Rome (in Civitavecchia), we went on the organized tours from the ship. They could not compare to you, Paolo. We really enjoyed our 2 days with you (05-12-07 and 05-13-07). The city of Rome was beautiful, but it was outside the city that was the real treat. Especially the Villa D'Este. The local restaurants you picked out were fantastic. The food you ordered was excellent! I'm still trying to find a wine similar to Castle Romani. You have so much knowledge about Rome that most tour guides do not know. We really enjoyed our days with you.We gave your web site and phone number to some people on the ship. We bragged about you all the time. I hope you hear from them. We hope you enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours.
You are the best!!!
If we ever get back to Rome we will be definitely get in touch with you again. Please post this on your web site so everyone who checks it out knows that they don't have to search any further. They will have found the best guide in Italy!

Thanks again,

Don and Sharon Holton
Smithfield, R.I. U.S.A.
Dr. Wong Homeへ
Paulo's an excellent driver and tour "guide" - I hope you're using him for more than just the afternoon transfer - he has a knowledge of Rome's back roads that would impress Caesar and he can find parking spots like nobody else can! Despite one of our cruise mates locking his keys in the van, he got us from downtown Rome to the pier (in rush hour traffic, no less) with five minutes to spare. Give him our regards!

Dr. Wong

Elin Lawrence Homeへ

Ciao Paolo,
I just wanted to drop you a belated thank you for all your help, during our recent trip to Italy. It gave me great peace of mind to know that I was dealing with a very professional, organized individual such as yourself. I really appreciated that you would phone during our tours to "check in" and to also confirm the details for the next stop.
The four "private" excursions we organized with you were great! All the drivers were on time, and very friendly. (The only one we had a few minutes of worry over was Paolo in Capri, who was about 20 minutes late, and we also ended about 1 1/2 hours early, but the car was fabulous! It got looks wherever we went on the island! Talk about La Dolce Vita!!!)Alberto in Amalfi was an absolute doll, and I have to say, our favorite. He was extremely funny and very knowledgeable about the areas! I would definitely recommend him to any traveler who wanted a great guide!

Gianni in Livorno for Siena/San Gimignano was also very nice and helpful, and I again would recommend him.
The pickup from the port in Civitavecchia with drop off and pick up in Rome, worked out very well (in fact, there were 8 of us, and when other people heard what we did, they wished they had gone with us), not to mention being a lost more cost efficient then what was offered by the cruise line.
In Capri, we certainly enjoyed touring around in Paolo's beautiful 1961 stretch Fiat convertible. We definitely felt like movie stars as wherever we went, we definitely got stares (yes, I know it was the car and not us, but...).
Thank you for all your help. I am sorry that I did not get to meet you, or use "your" tours, but I will definitely keep you in mind when I am next in Italy. Please feel free to use me as a reference if anyone has any questions about excursions. I have also given your name to several people so they can organize independent tours, so hopefully you can get some future business from others also!
Grazia tante!
Elin Lawrence
Ciao Paolo
I will mail the disc with the pictures today. Paolo I would like to pass along our thanks and compliments for the fantastic job you did in guiding my wife Diane and I around your wonderful country during the two days we spent together. The first thing we noticed is that even though you do this for a living every day you really enjoy it and that makes it easy for your clients to relax and enjoy the experience also. You also have an extensive grasp of the history of Italy and all of the villages and towns we visited or passed by and that also added to the total experience. You also did a great job of being flexible on the itinerary each day adjusting it on the run to fit our particular interests. Finally those lunches we had first at " Ristorante Mustafa" overlooking the Bay of Naples and then in Orvieto at " Le Grotte Del Funaro". Those were special experiences Paolo.
I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone and of course it goes without saying that the next time we visit we will look you up. Thanks a million Paolo.
Jim and Diane mc Gee
 Fazzio Family Homeへ
Hello Paolo,
How are you? My whole family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We all had such a great time. The hotels you chose for us were great and your guides were so very helpful they couldn't' do enough for us.. I would like to especially thank Francesco for taking my family to Gondola because we got to meet my grandmothers cousin who is 86 years old. She invited us into her house with out even knowing we were coming. What a great day. I have to say Pontremoli is a beautiful place. We all learned so much. Yes, you could read about Italy in a book but to see it is to believe it. When our friends ask us what did you like the best, we tell them each place has something you will like. Do you realize we were at 10 different places in 14 days. Whew! Just thought I'd let you know being home is a vacation. haha. We miss Italy already. I'm sure we will be back. Thank you and please extend all the guides a thank you from us.. Mike, Louis, John, Elizabeth, Paolo in Capri, Paula, Francesco, and a couple others we had for a short period. Your the best!!
The Fazzio Family, Chris, Rose, Christopher, Caitlin, Nick and of course my mom, Rosemarie and friend, Jim.